Trauma Healing Workshop

Honolulu, Hawaii
March 24-29, 2024

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      • Arrive at the airport before 5 pm on Sunday, and the workshop will be finished Friday at 5 pm. Check-out of your room will be on the morning of Saturday.

      • 5.5 days of therapeutic group work, 7-8.5 hrs per day

      • Airfare is not included

      • Cost: $5,300 (shared room) or $6,300 (private room) includes everything (ride from the airport, lodging, food, snacks, excursions, and activities, etc.)

      • Group will be 7-8 men and women

      • Daily Yoga, different excursions, and self-care time every day

      • The workshop will take place in Honolulu at Waikiki Banyan

      • Facilitated by Steven Shields, ACMHC CETII, CECII, and James Willhite, ACMHC, CETII, CECII

      Questions? Call or text Jessica at (801)998-2116

      Meet Who is Facilitating This Workshop


      Steven Shields

      Steven is passionate about helping others regain their freedom through processing trauma. When he started his own addiction recovery process, he had to heal his own traumas and wounds. In 2016, he started the UnashamedUnafraid nonprofit and podcast to be a voice of hope, speaking personally about sexual addiction recovery. Now as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor (ACMHC), He works with others to help them experience the freedom of healing.

      The process he loves most is leading group workshops. It is a powerful, life-changing experience. His core belief about the healing process is that it comes from within. Everyone already has what they need to heal. He is living proof that hope is possible for every heart no matter how big the trauma or how hopeless it seems.


      James Willhite

      As an experiential therapist, coach and consultant, James Willhite has been helping others in and through their healing journey since 2012. His unique balance of curiosity and deep wisdom creates a space where those dealing with trauma, abuse, betrayal, depression, anxiety and addiction feel a gentle safety in both individual and group workshops. James leads two nonprofit organizations in which thousands of individuals have experienced life changing healing of some of their deepest wounds.

      James loves spending time with his wife, Kristy and with his 4 children. He loves nature, indie music, documentaries, and trying new foods. James firmly believes that as we work to remove the obstacles and barriers of trauma, our true and divine identity will be uncovered at our core. It is then that we can become who we’ve longed to become and live out the lives we deserve.

      Site - Waikiki Banyan

      Waikiki Banyan is located north of Diamond headed just a 5 minute walk (really) from the amazing Waikiki Beach. Your accommodations and group rooms are located in the Banyan so there won’t be unnecessary busing around or wasted travel time. Comfortable, open and with views of the ocean and mountains Waikiki Banyan is idea for self-care and healing.

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