Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy is that you are the expert on you. If your healing journey were a Class V river expedition, we would determine how to navigate you safely and efficiently to your destination, but you would decide what boat we take and which river we run. We believe that lasting change can be achieved and doesn’t have to take years. Our goal is to help you find your own compass and learn how to navigate for yourself so you can fire us as soon as possible.

At [ACCEPTED], we prioritize doing our own emotional work with experienced professionals so we can show up as our best for selves for you. We each continually pursue the best trainings in order to bring you the most effective tools for your journey. We believe that we cannot guide you where we, ourselves, have never been. When you are ready to embark on your journey, we’ve got you.


Why Experiential?

Traditional talk therapy is largely passive. It doesn’t engage the whole brain and body.

Experiential techniques are powerful because they allow the participants to experience thoughts, feelings, and emotions in an active, real-time environment.

The activities used in experiential work allow the individual to re-experience and let go of negative emotions, memories, and body patterns from the past.

This helps the individual achieve goals, such as changing their perception of reality, changing behavior, bettering relationships, and forgiving others.

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