At [ACCEPTED] we strive to be your guide to healing.

We offer experiential services in several different ways. Watch the video or read below to learn more about each service.

One-On-One Therapy or Coaching

Choosing a one-on-one session with a trusted guide is an effective way to explore and build skills to put into practice. If you’re having a hard time finding courage, safety, or with following through on your chosen path during specific difficult situations in your everyday life, one-on-one therapy or coaching is a great choice for you.


Offering connection, resources, fellowship, and safety; group work will inspire you to climb to new heights in your journey. Groups typically consist of 6-8 people and meet three sessions a month for two hours each for a total of six hours a month. New groups begin regularly.

Intensives & Workshops

An intensive or workshop is a powerful way to achieve breakthrough. Clients have said they experienced a year’s worth of progress in the span of 3 to 6 days. Where traditional one-on-one sessions are about learning how to follow your path, intensives and workshops are about changing your path. These take place at an off-site location and include lodging, great food, and excursions.


Several members of our team are seasoned and powerful speakers. An excellent speaker at your event can mean the difference between a forgettable experience, and a true catalyst for meaningful and lasting change within your organization.

Experienced at engaging groups of all sizes, our speakers can galvanize your group event and create an atmosphere of trust and synergy.


Behavioral Health professionals often use experiential therapy in the treatment of trauma, attachment repair, behavior disorders, anger, grief and loss recovery, substance abuse, and various types of physical and behavioral addictions or compulsive behaviors.

Participants will learn techniques to help their clients become free of painful, unhappy, or otherwise bad feelings from past experiences, to change the nature of their current and future relationships, and live up to their full potential. Experiential exercises can be used in conjunction with different styles of traditional talk therapy and will include exercises for use with individuals, groups, couples, private practice, and clinical treatment therapists.

Participants gain hands-on experience in applying experiential methods. Additionally, there is an emphasis on visual communication, experiential teaching, and presenting a “learning by doing” method. Basic psychodrama techniques are also reviewed. The training combines teaching presentations with live demonstration.

[ACCEPTED] is excited to offer Experiential Training throughout the year.

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