Our Workshops

What is a Workshop

A Workshop is a 3-5 day intensive experience where you completely unplug and leave your world behind to fully step into your healing and growth.  Each day includes 6-8 hours of intensive group therapy, amazing excursions to help process and integrate, and gourmet food to fuel your healing.

We work with you to pinpoint and resolve what is preventing you from living the life you want, then use a wide range of modalities targeted specifically to you to help you push through and overcome your issues. Whether it is deep trauma, addiction, or relationship conflicts, we are experts at helping you find and resolve what is holding you back.

We specialize in Experiential Modalities that include:

  • psychodrama
  • somatic movement
  • music
  • art
  • nature
  • play


People often get more out of a workshop than a year or more of therapy. While our clients say the experience is difficult to put into words, they often describe it as life-changing. If you feel like regular talk therapy is either ineffective or too slow and want to break out of the rut, this is what you’re looking for. If you are holding unresolved trauma that is impacting your life and relationships, this is the fastest, most effective way to resolve it. 


August 14-16, 2024

Gilbert/Chandler, Arizona


August 21-23, 2024

Eagle, Idaho

Individual, Couples, & Family Intensives
at City Limits Ranch, Utah

Limited Spots Available

Group Workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii

September 8-13, 2024

Honolulu, Hawaii

What Our Clients Have to Say

I have been to therapy for over 10 years in many settings. Nothing was as powerful as this experience. Steven was strong and kind which I have never experienced both before in a man. I was able to go deeper than ever before and finally unload what I’ve been carrying for years. This was a miracle.”

– Frank, 50’s

“It’s hard to summarize the experience of an Intensive with James without it sounding clichéd. My experience, in short, was life-changing. I came searching for answers, looking for a path trying to understand why I felt lost. Over the 3 days, I reconnected with my core values, established/reset my value system, and came out of the experience more self-assured and confident in myself than I have ever been. It’s hard work but it’s worth the journey… amazing experience.” — S.B. (male, 40s)

I have been going to therapy for a decade. I’ve experienced a variety of therapists and modalities. When I was introduced to Beckie I expected the same slow crawl towards emotional well-being. Instead, in the last year I have experienced a complete 180 in my healing journey. I am the most authentic, courageous, and emotionally healthy I have ever been. I have healed parts of myself that I never thought was possible, set boundaries when all I’ve known was codependency, and have been able to connect deeper with myself and subsequently with those around me. The trajectory of my life has forever been changed because of Beckie. She’s not just a wildly skilled and dedicated person to her craft, she’s a phenomenal human being. If you’re ready to heal… this is the person, and [ACCEPTED] is the place.


“The workshop was an incredible place to do my work. I felt comfortable and safe to share my story. I will forever be grateful.”

– Laura

“This workshop was amazing! it was the safest space I could have imagined, which allowed for deep connection and raw healing.”


“I came into this process unsure of what I needed with some big life decisions ahead of me. This was the perfect setting and time to help me understand what is most important to me. Then more importantly what to do about it. I left feeling confident about my future.”

– Mark

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