“My workshop experience with Steve Shields and James Willhite was by far the best thing I have done in almost three years of recovery and therapy. Knowing what I know now I would do anything possible to attend a workshop with these two as my guide, I was able to gain closure, understanding, healing, and a self-confidence that has been lost for decades. If you are considering attending their workshop stop making excuses, find a way and go. The only thing you will regret is that you didn’t do it sooner!”

-Intensive Participant, Male, 40’s

“It’s hard to summarize the experience of an Intensive with James without it sounding cliched. My experience, in short, was life changing. I came searching for answers , looking for a path trying to understand why I felt lost. Over the 3 days I reconnected with my core values, established/reset my value system and came out of the experience more self-assured and confident in myself than I have ever been. It’s hard work but it’s worth the journey… amazing experience.”


“Steven really saw me and took an interest in helping me. He cared, was inventive in his methods, and found ways to really help me. He saw me and brought out the things I needed. Steven can relate to anyone. He is sincere, genuine, inventive, and compassionate. I would recommend anyone who needs a therapist to go see him, they won’t be disappointed.”


“I was truly grateful to have Stratton as a therapist. As a recovering alcoholic who has relapsed twice, Stratton helped get me through issues I have held on to for many years. He not only helped mentally but spiritually as well. Forever grateful!”


“Chris gets it! I have been so impressed with his abilities and methods. You can tell that he truly cares. His work inspires change for the better and has been a huge help to our family. I highly recomend him.”


“Jayne is incredible. This workshop was amazing! it was the safest space I could have imagined, which allowed for deep connection and raw healing.”


“I have been going to therapy for a decade. I’ve experienced a variety of therapists and modalities. When I was introduced to Beckie I expected the same slow crawl towards emotional well-being. Instead, in the last year I have experienced a complete 180 in my healing journey. I am the most authentic, courageous, and emotionally healthy I have ever been. I have healed parts of myself that I never thought was possible, set boundaries when all I’ve known was codependency, and have been able to connect deeper with myself and subsequently with those around me. The trajectory of my life has forever been changed because of Beckie. She’s not just a wildly skilled and dedicated person to her craft, she’s a phenomenal human being. If you’re ready to heal… this is the person, and [ACCEPTED] is the place.”


Alex Russell
April Reeve
Hailey Haywood
Eric Russell
Alanna Francom
The people working here at accepted are some of the best I know. Definitely recommend.
Jared Digerness
Sharli Gietz
Jess Phillips
Steve and his team will help you “graduate” from therapy and be healed and recovered. Don’t go see him or his staff if you like going to therapy and paying for it for years and years. If you are prepared and willing to do the work he will help you learn to trust yourself and heal so you don’t have to come back. I have worked with 8 different amazing therapists with over 350 hours invested over 3 years but rarely go anymore once i got with Steve and was able to get healing.
MarJean Christianson
Garret Thalman

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