August 14-16 2024

Gilbert, AZ

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This workshop is a 3-day experience to transform you from managing recovery and healing to recovered and healed.

Starting or stuck in addiction or betrayal trauma? Finally break through and gain the understanding and depth you need to experience healed

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This workshop has 3 different parts you can register for together or separate:


Group experience

August 14-16
6-9 pm each day

In this 9-hour larger group experience you learn about addiction/betrayal trauma and more importantly how to truly get out. 

$350/Individual or $495/Couple

40 Spots Available

In this 9-hour large group experience, we will learn about the root of addiction and betrayal trauma, why people get stuck, and most importantly, how to get out. What you will learn about and experience:

  • The root cause of addiction

  • The cycle of shame & addiction

  • The recovery cycle

  • The path of recovery

  • Shift from managing addiction to healed

  • Understanding betrayal trauma

  • Moving from triggered/activated to safety

  • How to do disclosure

  • Understanding your partner’s or family member’s experience

  • How to restore trust in yourself

  • How to communicate as partners in recovery

  • How to give and receive empathy

  • How to recognize when you’re in drama or activation and what to do to get out

  • How to restore trust in a relationship

  • Moving from trauma to empowerment

  • The role previous trauma plays

  • What is codependent vs kind

  • How to have a healthy and inter-dependent relationship


Group experience

August 14-16
1-5 pm each day

In this 12-hour small group, you’ll gain a masterful hold of the most important tool in recovery and creating safety, boundaries. Create them and keep them. 


Only 8 spots available

In this 12-hour small group, you’ll gain a masterful hold of the most important tool in recovery; boundaries. Learn to create and keep healthy boundaries in relationships. You will learn, practice, and experience:

  • What boundaries actually are

  • What purpose do boundaries serve

  • How to keep yourself emotionally safe

  • How to honor and respect boundaries

  • How to create boundaries without harming others

  • Why you’ve struggled to enforce or maintain boundaries

  • How to communicate your boundaries to others in a kind and productive way

  • Create and practice your boundaries and work through what will stop you from using them effectively

Individual/Couple Sessions

On-on-One experience

August 14-16
Available 9am - noon each day

When registering for individual sessions, add $300 to the checkout form for each hour you want to reserve. For example, if you’d like to reserve 2 hours, type in $600 on the form.

Meet 1 on 1 with Steven, Beckie, or Jayne to work through, understand, and change whatever is holding you back or keeping you stuck from healed. 


9 total hours available

Meet 1 on 1 with Steven to work through, understand, experience, and change whatever is holding you back, keeping you stuck, or preventing you from being healed. Areas that can be covered:

  • Addiction (all kinds)

  • Relapse

  • Betrayal Trauma

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Marriage

  • Boundaries

  • Family relationships

  • Church hurt

  • Childhood trauma

  • All forms of abuse

  • And many more

You can book a single hour or put multiple hours together. Can work with individuals and couples.



Hear from participants in previous workshops with [Accepted].


Call or text Jessica at 801.998.2116

Meet Who is Facilitating This Workshop


Steven Shields

I am passionate about helping others regain their freedom through processing trauma. When I started my own addiction recovery process I had to heal my own traumas and wounds. In 2016 I started the UnashamedUnafraid podcast to be a voice of hope, speaking personally about sexual addiction recovery. Now as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC), I work with others to help them experience the freedom of healing.

The process I love leading most is group workshops. It is a powerful, life-changing experience. My core belief about the healing process is that it comes from within. Everyone already has what they need to heal. Hope is possible for every heart no matter how big the trauma or how hopeless it seems.


Beckie Hennessy

Beckie helps others heal their hearts by walking them towards connection and true belonging. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been a therapist/coach since 2007. She’s a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist-candidate (CCPS-candidate) through APSATS and is trained in EMDR. She also has a podcast called “Living Through.”


Jayne Elswood

Meet Jayne Elswood, PCC. Jayne works with men, women, and teens who come in looking for help with addiction, anxiety, depression, feeling lost, trauma, betrayal or just need a little bit of help. She is inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pieces of pottery with seams of gold, because it shows us that we are stronger and more beautiful because of our scars. Her goal is to help you find a voice and a choice in all areas of your life.


The workshop will take place in a comfortable residence located in the South Gilbert Area.

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